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Last updated January 22nd, 7:19 PM EST 2008

eXtace is a Audio Visualization plugin for the X-Window System. It connects to ESD (Enlightened Sound Daemon) and displays the audio data as either a pseudo 3D flying landscape, pseudo 3D pointed landscape, 16-256 channel graphic EQ, multi-mode Oscilloscopes, Horizontal Spectrogram, or a combination Hi-res FFT with a Vertical Spectrogram. All modes are fully scalable to nearly ANY resolution! (within your CPU/X11 capabilites) Resolutions up to 1600x1200 at 40 FPS use typially less than 30% CPU, depending on your host CPU/X11 capabilities.

Troubleshooting Page

NEW eXtace was reviewed by Layer Ayers in the Linux Gazette. Read the Article. Thanks again Larry.

Take a look at some of the screens: WARNING, they aren't the smallest files either, so be patient.
Short Video of the new Vert Spectrogram mode(no sound)
Awesome spectral display, (Cryogenic Suspension II, Dreamlab, cosmotherapy Album)
Full screen showing all modes DANGER, its a 1600x1200 pixel 500k jpg file
Major Tom, by Peter Schiling in Vert FFT mode
3D wireframe mode
3D Shaded mode
2D Graphic EQ mode
Oscilloscope mode
3D Spike mode
Horizontal spectrogram
Vertical spectrogram

All modes are fully configurable. The traces can be picked up at their ends and dragged anywhere within the window in realtime. The direction at which the trace flys away is also realtime controllable via this widget.


Latest Release, extace-1.9.8.tar.gz

FFTW Packages
Check your distribution media for FFTW rpms/debs/tgz's. This is the suggested method from now on.

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Latest news:

Here's a short mpeg1 Video of the newer vertical spectrogram mode.

1.9.8, Removed straggling imlib header, Segfault fix.

1.9.7, GTK+-2.x port, no longer needs GTK+-1.2 or imlib.

1.9.6, minor cleanups and fixes.

1.9.4. Found a VERY long standing bug in the audio processing code where I would mistakenly trample outside the end of the ringbuffer and add in some random data into the to be processed audio. It could potentially cause a crash (though not too likely as it was always a read out of bounds), but it would cause a rhythmic glitch in the FFT display each time the processor was wrapping the buffer around. It's most visible if you raise the noise floor control. This version has that bug completely fixed.

1.9.3. Been busy with everything else in life. Cosmetic improvements to the Options panel, New FFTW-3.x support. It still works with FFTW-2.x though so you do NOT have to upgrade your fFTW if you don't want to. If both FFT versions are installed the later one will be used. Scope zooming support added to zoom in on hte time domain by up to a factor of 10.

1.9.2. A long time coming. Very little changes, mainly bugfixes to allow it to (hopefully) compile cleanly on OS-X.

1.9.0 finally out. This is a beta release as not all new functionality is completed yet. This release sports fully zoomable high-resolution displays to any frequency span. Also new in this release is preliminary comedi support. (incomplete, may or may not work properly yet..) Numerous bugfixes and code optimizations.

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